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We are a general dentistry office that focuses on kids as well as adults. At Cañon Family Dental, we take the time to provide high-quality, thought-out treatment that delivers optimum oral health and a beautiful smile! As you can see from our list, we work hard to be as comprehensive as possible. This way, there are minimal visits to other offices and you can stick with a doctor, hygienist, and staff that you feel comfortable with.

From Start…

Finding your new dental home starts with an examination – whether it’s a comprehensive-initial visit or a limited-emergency visit. Once we know what treatment needs you have, we make a plan and walk with you each step of the way. Usually, unless there’s pain somewhere, the first phase of treatment is one of the two main types of cleanings.

…to Finish…

From there, the majority of kids will be seen in our office for treatment. From preventative sealants to baby-teeth crowns, if needed, your child is in good hands! If they are particularly nervous or have special needs and require a significant amount of treatment, we would likely set them up for an operating room setting where they can be sedated.

For adults, treatment with one of our dentists will usually be to save teeth or improve your smile with fillings, crowns, or root canals. If we need to replace some missing teeth for you, we may be discussing implants or a denture (full or partial). No matter the steps, the goal is always to get you healthy so you look and feel great! We’ve had many of our denture patients talk about how they feel confident going out in public or getting a job again – because they got their smile back!

…and Beyond!

Once we get everything taken care of (or if you didn’t need anything to start!), prevention is the key. We strongly believe that regular visits to a dental office for a cleaning with a hygienist and an exam by a dentist can help prevent cavities and gum disease. At the very least, if there is a problem, we will find it early and take care of your tooth when it’s a small cavity and not a big one. Other than that, once your teeth are cavity free, there’s no reason why you should ever need another filling again!

Need an Appointment?

Please call our Cañon City office at 719-285-4784 if it sounds like we can help in any of these ways! We can’t wait to meet you!

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As Colorado moves forward in dealing with Covid-19, we are fully open for all appointments (adults and children). While most restrictions have been lifted, we are still taking a few precautions. Please read below about visiting our office. (Newest update on 5/10/2022)