Kids Dentistry

Children need to see the dentist, too! Fortunately, our office and staff love to see young people and take care of them. Of course, the kids aren’t always as excited, but we all know, as the ones who look after them, that regular checkups (every 6 months) and a healthy mouth are really important to their overall well-being.

Do Babies Need Dental Care?

It is recommended that an infant start seeing a dentist as soon as they have their first tooth. At this point, it’s not that we would do much for the baby, but it is a way for the child to get familiar and comfortable with being at a dental office. His or her first visit would be very basic:

  • Sit with mom or dad in the chair
  • Let someone look in his/her mouth
  • Maybe get a squirt of water in the mouth
  • If they do really well, they may meet Mr. Thirsty (the suction straw)!

Again, this just your child’s first opportunity to “meet” the office. By introducing a child to the dentist’s office early, we can help make a dental office a normal place to be, which helps to eliminate dental anxiety as your child gets older. This is also a great time for you and the dentist to discuss concerns that will affect your child as he or she develops, such as bottle use, pacifier use, and thumb sucking.

Dental Care for Toddlers and Young Children

Toddlers and preschoolers may have already developed some dental problems. We take care of them, too! If all your child needs is a cleaning, it should be easy for them. We’ll help them feel comfortable and confident. Best of all, we’ll make the appointment fun.

If your child needs more involved treatment, however, such as fillings, caps, or help taking out a baby tooth, we have a variety of ways to help them through:

  • Every dental chair has a TV above so they can watch their favorite show and feel comfortable.
  • We have “laughing gas” (nitrous oxide) available to help them stay calm. Nitrous oxide is very safe and easily adjustable so your child gets the appropriate dose. The effects of the gas wear off almost immediately as soon as the gas is stopped, so your child can go back to school.
  • You are allowed back to be with your child during treatment.

If your child’s needs are extensive or your child has special needs, we can refer you for treatment at a Surgical Center under sedation. It would be our staff and doctor performing the dental treatment while an anesthesiologist takes care of the sedation.

Where Do I Sign Up My Child?

Just call our Canon City dental office at 719-285-4784 to make an appointment. Please have any insurance information with you when you call. We take most insurance plans for children, including Medicaid and CHP+.

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