If you’re in a situation where you are missing teeth, a denture might be the best solution for you. Contrary to popular belief, a denture isn’t only for people who have no teeth; we can also make something called “partial dentures” to fit around your existing teeth and replace the missing ones – even if it’s for just one tooth!

We have a great in-house denture team that will make a great denture (or two), custom made for you. Their lab technicians have decades of experience and make beautiful dentures for our patients!

Complete Dentures

Complete dentures are what people typically think of when they hear “dentures.” If someone is missing all of his/her teeth on the top, bottom, or both, they would need a whole new set of teeth. What’s great about our denture team is that they don’t skip any steps in making your denture. It might take a little longer, but the wait is worth it! Here are the typical steps in making a complete denture:

  • Preliminary Impression – The first set of “molds” so that we know where your gums are.
  • Final Impression – Once custom trays are made, this is the more accurate “mold” that we will use to fabricate your denture(s).
  • Bite Registration – This is when we measure your bite and range of motion with your jaw. This lets us know where we need to put the denture teeth.
  • Wax Try-In – Here, you get a preview of what your denture will look like. The final teeth are set in wax, and you get to actually try them in your mouth! Seeing is believing, and this is your chance to let us know if everything looks perfect before we finalize your dentures.
  • Delivery – At this point, the dentures are done and you get to take them home!

As with any prosthesis (artificial body part), this will take some getting used to. Our staff is good about offering coaching tips and support for you as you work on your speech and eating with your new teeth. We usually don’t have to help much with the smiling part!

Partial Dentures

Many people are missing one more or more teeth, but the remaining teeth are in good shape. In this case, we will often recommend a removable partial denture. In this case, you will have plastic teeth to replace the missing ones and small clasps that clip onto the other teeth to hold it in place. Depending on the situation, we can fabricate a flexible partial or one that has a metal frame for strength and stability.

The steps for a partial denture are mostly identical to those for making a complete denture. The one exception is the stage of treatment where we fix cavities and clean the natural teeth before starting on the denture.

I Want To Eat Steak Again!

If you think some dentures would be helpful, please call our Canon City dental office at 719-285-4784 to make an appointment. We will give you a thorough evaluation and get you smiling and eating freely again!

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